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Bigger Than You

Do you ever feel as a business owner like you are destined for more, you're ready to scale up to take the plunge on all manner of projects and ideas? But that nagging voice of fear and doubt stops you in your tracks. And all of a sudden that vision of a bigger, braver, you starts to fade.

That's what this podcast is all about. It's a regular opportunity for you to tune back into your vision to be inspired by ordinary folks who've done extraordinary things in business and in life, being brave with ventures that have or will go on to impact many, many lives.

The Bigger Than You podcast is for small business owners just like you. The ones that do want more, leaders who are ready to step up and demand more influence, more impact, more income, but with less of the bullsh*t, less of the comparisonitis, and less of the burnout.

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Nov 29, 2021

In today's episode I talk to Rachel Maunder. Rachel tells us about the importance of telling your stories whether they are the big life changing ones or smaller anecdotal ones. They all count.

About Rachel:

Rachel Maunder helps people tell their stories – it’s that simple. With a warm and engaging style, Rachel is...

Nov 22, 2021

In today's episode I talk to client and friend Vicky O'Farrell, the Queen of Behaviours. Vicky and I talk about different personality types, how knowing your personality can truly help you to thrive in life and business. We also talk about imposter syndrome and how unhelpful it is in life. So take a listen to...

Nov 19, 2021

In this bonus Don't Be a Mug episode I want to talk you about the last year. It's been a tough one for so many of us. Things didn't quite go to plan business wise what with burnout and then COVID. but contracting COVID definitely got me thinking about a few things. What was the purpose of my business, financial...

Nov 15, 2021

In this week's episode I talk to my good friend Dipti Solanki. Dipti works with people to identify, understand and heal their grief. In thinking about this we talk about the many ways grief can show up for us and the different types of grief and how this can impact us as business owners. The last nearly two years have...

Nov 7, 2021

In today's episode I talk to my friend Michelle Gyimah, Director of Equality Pays, a gender and ethnicity equality consultancy. Michelle works in the corporate world and yet the conversation applies to businesses as well. We talk about moving to Spain during COVID and having to rebuild her business, the benefits of...